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Republican GOP Elephant tie


This polyester tie is perfect!
Dry clean only, or spot hand wash.
Sublimation printed tie. Please message us if you want a custom tie.
Tie Measurements
• Length of Tie – 56 Inches
• Width of Tie at Widest end – 3.5 Inches

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Republican GOP Elephant Tie: “The Pachyderm Power Tie”

Is your wardrobe struggling to keep up with your Republican spirit? Do you wish your neckwear could shout “I’m a GOP fan” without, you know, actually shouting? Introducing the Republican GOP Elephant Tie—a fashion statement so bold, even RINOs will steer clear!


  1. Right-Trunked Elegance: Display your GOP pride from trunk to tail!
  2. Elephant in the Room: You won’t need to talk politics; your tie will make the statement for you.
  3. Capitol Hill Chic: Pairs equally well with a Senate suit or your “Make America Great Again” cap.
  4. Sturdy Stripes & Stars: Crafted from high-quality fabric durable enough for filibusters and family debates alike.

Ideal for any Republican event—be it a state convention, political fundraiser, or an evening of watching Fox News with like-minded pals.

Care Instructions: Dry clean only. Anything less would be, dare we say, a ‘trunk-ated’ effort.

Disclaimer: Wearing this tie may result in spontaneous patriotism, sudden bursts of campaign trivia, and the desire to make every room you enter a ‘no-spin zone.’ Caution: may attract high-fives from fellow conservatives!

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Weight 0.226796 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
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