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George Bush Tie


This polyester tie is perfect!
Dry clean only, or spot hand wash.
Sublimation printed tie. Please message us if you want a custom tie.
Tie Measurements
• Length of Tie – 56 Inches
• Width of Tie at Widest end – 3.5 Inches

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George W. Bush Collage Necktie: “Strategery Meets Style”

Missing the days of Dubya’s down-home wisdom? Want to clear brush, paint portraits, and engage in diplomatic talks—all while looking dapper? Say howdy to our George W. Bush Collage Necktie, where Texan charm meets the Oval Office!


  1. Mission Accomplished: Finally, a necktie that covers all the Bush bases— from “Axis of Evil” to “No Child Left Behind.”
  2. Coalition of the Willing (to Dress Well): Whether you’re rallying your base or attending a black-tie event, this tie has got you covered.
  3. Fool Me Once: You won’t be fooled again when you opt for this quality fabric.
  4. Decider Style: Be the decider of your own fashion choices, and let this tie do the talking.

Perfect for Republican galas, conservative family gatherings, and basically anywhere you want to channel your inner Dubya.

Care Instructions: Dry clean only, preferably somewhere where they don’t misunderestimate the power of a good necktie.

Disclaimer: Wearing this tie may lead to unexpected cowboy swagger, occasional Bush-isms, and a yearning to revisit early 2000s politics. Ideal for those who know how to pronounce ‘nuclear’—either way!

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Weight 0.226796 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
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