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We patrol your neighborhood y'all Complain T-shirt Police Shirt Blue Lives Matter shirt


  • 100% Cotton
  • 6.1 oz. 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Direct-to-garment printed
  • Generous Fit
  • Available in all sizes XS-XXXL
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Ever wanted to give a shoutout to those in blue while also flashing a hint of cheeky humor? Say no more! We’ve got the shirt that screams support with a side of sass!


  1. Badge of Banter: A fusion of serious respect and light-hearted jest for our officers in blue.
  2. Statement Maker: Perfect for expressing admiration for the force… and a little frustration with the peanut gallery.
  3. Quality Fabric: Crafted with care, just like our officers serve and protect.
  4. Bright Print: The design is as bold as our men and women on the front lines.

Slip into this tee for community gatherings, pro-police rallies, or just a relaxed Sunday BBQ with fellow supporters.

Washing Instructions: Wash with care, preferably while humming the theme from “Cops” (Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?).

Disclaimer: Shirt may induce feelings of pride, a desire to thank an officer, and spontaneous bouts of chuckling. Always wear with respect and a dash of humor!

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Weight 0.226796 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White


2X – Long Sleeve, 2X – Short Sleeve, 3X – Long Sleeve, 3X – Short Sleeve, L – Long Sleeve, L – Short Sleeve, M – Long Sleeve, M – Short Sleeve, S – Long Sleeve, S – Short Sleeve, XL – Long Sleeve, XL – Short Sleeve

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