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Ronald Reagan Socks


Made In USA
Printed In The USA
Sizes: No Show, Small, Medium, Large,XL, Knee High
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Ronald Reagan Collage Socks: “A Footloose Tribute to The Gipper”

If you think your sock collection is already tearin’ down walls, just wait until you add these to the mix! Introducing the Ronald Reagan Collage Socks—because nothing says “Trickle-Down Comfort” quite like these bad boys.


  1. All-American Icon: From jelly beans to Just Say No, these socks showcase the Reagan era from heel to toe.
  2. Democracy in Sizing: Choose from No Show, S, M, L, XL, or go Knee High for a Strategic Defense Initiative against cold calves.
  3. Star-Spangled Fabric: As enduring as Reagan’s legacy and almost as soft as his relationship with Margaret Thatcher.
  4. Patriotic Pizzazz: Jazz up your step with a variety of Reagan moments that would make even Nancy say, “Well, honey, just sock it to ’em.”

These are perfect for history buffs, Republican rallies, or secret Cold War-themed parties. You’ll be the life of the conservative party!

Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold. Think of it as Reaganomics for your laundry; you’re just trickling down the soap.

Disclaimer: By donning these socks, you may experience an urge to cut taxes, join a debate team, or bust out your best “Well, there you go again” impression. Wear with a sense of history and a hearty laugh!


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Knee High, Large, Medium, No Show, Small, XL

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