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Donald Trump Pop Art Tie


This polyester tie is perfect!
Dry clean only, or spot hand wash.
Sublimation printed tie. Please message us if you want a custom tie.
Tie Measurements
• Length of Tie – 56 Inches
• Width of Tie at Widest end – 3.5 Inches

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Ever thought your business attire was too drab to “Make America Great Again”? Wish you could negotiate style like you negotiate contracts? Introduce a YUGE upgrade to your wardrobe with the Donald Trump Pop Art Necktie!


  1. Technicolor Trump: Donald Trump as you’ve never seen him before—unless you’ve seen him under disco lights.
  2. Executive Elegance: This tie isn’t just an accessory, it’s a statement—think of it as your neck’s personal Twitter account.
  3. MAGA Material: Made of the finest fabric that even Trump Tower’s golden curtains would envy.
  4. Primary Colors for the Primaries: This tie is so vibrant, it might just run for office.

Perfect for Republican fundraisers, election night parties, and out-negotiating anyone at a boardroom table.

Care Instructions: Dry clean only—because anything less would be fake news.

Disclaimer: Wearing this tie might incite sudden urges to tweet, engage in peace talks with fashionable foes, and start measuring walls. It’s the tie that says, “I have great style, folks. Tremendous style. Everybody says so!”

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Weight 0.226796 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
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