First post

First post

What Is “Right”?

A political system controlled by an ignorant electorate who are manipulated by a dishonest and controlled media that dispenses propaganda on behalf of a corrupt political establishment is not a path to lasting prosperity.

It is horrifying that millions of Americans welcome their enslavement to the core of democrat power, the welfare state. Every failing city, every failing state, has a history of Democratic Party “leadership”. Democratic Politicians are in the pockets of the labor unions. Money corrupts and power corrupts, these “leaders” lie with impunity, and the media lap dogs do everything within their power to make the lie appear the truth. From race-baiting to claims that voter ID is a form of Republican voter suppression, these accusations are made specifically to cover the trail of fraud and to silence any who dare question.

How can a conservative possibly fight back with a media, a 4th estate that is unabashedly in the court of the Socialist, Atheist power elite?

With the one form of power you still control, the power of the purse-strings.
The bible teaches that every seven years your fields should lie fallow. The nutrients in the soil are replenished and you will have stronger crops in the future.  It is that time. It is time to simplify your life. Focus on strengthening your family, and perhaps your balance sheet. The “Left” in this country does not believe in capitalism and they openly laugh at “trickle-down economics”. It is time that the Left learns a few lessons in economics.  If they don’t believe that we, the job creators, the entrepreneurs, the capitalists are the life blood of the economy, than we should attempt to primarily do business with only those who do.

95% of today’s media and “journalists” freely identify as liberal or “progressive”. Gushing stories about anything that fits their agenda as front page news. Anything that opposes or draws into question their “world view” is not reported on and investigated, but buried on page 30 or ignored on the evening news. Yet, how many Conservatives, How many people who believe that G-d exists and has a place in our daily lives, still subscribe to the New York Times (insert your daily “News Paper” here), Time Magazine or (heaven forbid) Rolling Stone? How many people who care deeply about the future of their children don’t think twice before they spend their money on a product from a company that advertises on MSNBC?  How many people of the RIGHT watch commercials with “Flo” and then buy insurance from “Progressive” to save a few dollars? Do we not understand that those few saved dollars today are going to support the “Progressive” agenda? (The Chairman of Progressive Insurance, Peter Lewis, is one of the largest single donors to the ACLU, Move and many other far left “Progressive” causes (

Do you complain about Warren Buffets’ lying by omission on his tax rates versus his secretary’s yet you don’t think twice about buying insurance from GEICO? (Owned by Berkshire Hathaway)

Are you upset that Mr. Buffett thinks that over 50% of your estate should be confiscated to support his liberal causes yet you still buy your diamonds from Helzberg?

Do people who consider themselves Conservative, to the RIGHT, not care as much as Socialist Progressives? Or are we too busy living our lives, paying our own way, teaching our kids about G-d and self-responsibility to be bothered to think about where and how we spend our money?

Jimmy Hoffa Jr (I wonder how he got his job?) told the world that the Michigan Governor and Legislature had started a “Civil War” by giving people who don’t want to join a Union the “Right to Work”. I would like Conservatives, the Right, to take Mr. Hoffa up on his threats. I am tired of being laughed at and disrespected and under-appreciated as a tax payer. As someone who believes that my earnings both trickle down and trickle up. I am here to suggest that advertisers think twice before they ever act on threats of a “boycott” again. Are my customers the 10-20% of this country that identifies as far left or “Progressive”? Or, are my customers the wage earners, the church or synagogue attendees, the people that believe that family values are important?